Chemistry Hair Lab is an organic, positive energy, community based, beauty salon welcoming all people. We encourage creativity, brightness, diversity and support your desire to stand out in the world. We strive to keep your locks healthy so you can look and feel your absolute best. And lastly we promise to nourish your soul so your inner beauty can shine.  


An eclectic, purely organic hair society 

and beauty experience. 


hey beautiful!

My name is Aja, Ive been doing hair since 2010, HOLY MOLY, where does the time go?! I started in the industry in Denver, CO with AVEDA way back when. Since then Ive lived and taught in Korea, been a freelance make-up artist for AVEDA, taught at the Aveda Institute, and open a salon all while maintaining a beautiful career behind the chair and continuing my education day by day! 

I LOVE plants, stones and minerals, traveling and getting outdoors in the elements! 

Lets talk HAIR, shall we? I have a high attention to detail, some might call that OCD, I just call it PERFECT HAIR. Im all about pretty hair, lets give you hair that always looks like the sun is shining down on it no matter where its at, lets add dimension, lets make it look full and healthy! Hair color is my JAM. If I could live, eat, and breathe custom STUNNING haircolor I WOULD!

I love the time I get with my clients, it's not just about refreshing your look, but feeling renewed from the inside out. Soul to shine! Clients often share that they enjoy the calm, warm, sunny vibe of the salon so much that the wish they could  come hang out every day to soak up the oxygen and energy! 


How DREAMY does a rejuvenating scalp facial sound?! 

This relaxing 75min service will include an invigorating scalp/ shoulder massage, scalp exfolianting treatment products customized based on your individual scalp concerns and challanges. A second scalp massage designed to promote healthy blood circulation throughout the body, a steam towel treatment, a deep conditioning treatment and a blowout.

This treatment will be customized to relieve dry scalps, itchy scalps, oily scalps, hair prone to falling out or thinning, or those who have healthy scalps looking to remove environmental and product build up causing dull flat hair revealing restored natural shine and color.

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Chemistry Hair Lab was designed to provide our clients with a safe and comfortable community environment, organic products, and the best the beauty industry has to offer. We are a private suite space, with high end fixtures and amenities and abundant FREE on-site parking.